Deborah Hite

Personal Development/Transition Coach

DHite Coaching

718 US Hwy 82 E #185

Sherman, TX  75090-0528

Phone:  903-818-3654

Are you a soldier struggling with the transition from military to civilian life?

Coming home and settling back in as a civilian may not have been at all what you were expecting.  Things have changed.  Your loved ones have changed.  The job market has changed.  And you have changed.

It's easy to become overwhelmed during transition, but you have the strength to overcome these obstacles and create the life you want.  Start to envision the way you want your life to unfold, then begin to make plans for your future.

At first it may be to get a good night's sleep, or to re-connect with your loved ones, or get a job.  Maybe you're not sure which to do first.  That's where a Coach can help you sort through the confusion and get you on the right track and help you every step of the way.  If you decide to work with me, you will always be in control of our conversations.  You decide what we talk about - but expect to make progress, looking forward not back.  Are you ready?

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