Deborah Hite

Transition Coach

DHite Coaching

718 US Hwy 82 E #185

Sherman, TX  75090-0528

Phone:  903-818-3654

Are you a soldier struggling with the transition from military to civilian life?

Call me now at 903-818-3654 (CST) for a free consultation.

Coming home and settling back in as a civilian may not have been at all what you were expecting.

Things have changed.  Your loved ones have changed.  The job market has changed.  And you have changed.

Change is never easy, and can often be overwhelming...but you don't have to do it alone.  You need someone you can talk to, someone who will listen without judgement and help you work through the problems you're facing.  You need someone who will keep your conversations confidential and encourage you as you face and overcome your personal challenges.  As a Transition Coach, I'm here to help you break down the barriers that are keeping you from moving forward and creating the life you deserve.  It all starts with a single phone call.

Do it now.

"She is a very caring and

compassionate person and

I am truly blessed by

knowing her."  - Stan P.